How To Grill Brats Perfectly: Instructions, Tips & Tricks

There’s nothing nicer than a freshly grilled brat in the summer, served with fiery mustard, sweet grilled onions and a refreshing glass of beer!

Whether you cook your brats on gas or charcoal, here’s the best way to make delicious and flavorsome brats on the grill, each and every time.


First, Set Up The Grill

grilling brats

You need to heat the grill up before you put your brats on.

Before you begin, clean your grill, especially if it’s the start of the summer and you haven’t used it for a long time. This will get rid of the old grease and dust that may impair the flavor of your brats.

Oil your grill using a paper towel. This will stop your brats from sticking to the grill and help give them a crispy outer layer.

Only heat one part of your grill. You can do this by layering the charcoal across one half of your grill, or by changing the settings on your gas grill.

Doing this will mean you can move the brats to a cold area once they are done and stop them overcooking.

Get your grill to a temperature of between 300°F and 350°F (150°C and 180°C). Once you’ve hit temperature, you are ready to cook!

How Long Does It Take To Grill Brats?

how to grill brats

You should grill your brats slowly for optimum flavor. Grilling them for a shorter time and at a higher temperature will cause them to burn and dry out.

Layer your brats evenly on the grill, so they cook equally. You don’t want some brats to be burnt and others to be undercooked.

If you have lots of brats to cook, grill them in batches rather than trying to cram them all on the grill at once.

Give your brats a quarter turn every two minutes, so they caramelize and take on a lovely rich color.

It should take twenty minutes to grill uncooked brats. If you have boiled your brats beforehand, reduce the cooking time by five minutes.

The final cooking time ultimately depends on the brand of brats and their thickness. Keep an eye on your brats as they cook on the grill and take them off the heat when you think they are done.

Boiling Brats Before Grilling?

how to grill brats on gas grill

Boiling your brats before putting them on the grill will keep them moist and juicy and stop the casings from splitting when you cook them. You can either boil them on the hob or in a pot of water on your grill.

Why not boil your brats in your favourite beer or lager to give them an extra smoky flavour? Alternatively, you can simmer your brats in beer after they have cooked to keep them warm.

Can You Grill Brats Without Boiling Them?

If you prefer to grill your brats without boiling them first, you can. Just keep an extra eye on your brats as they grill to make sure they don’t split open.

What Will The Internal Temperature Be When The Brats Are Cooked?

how to grill brats on charcoal

The internal temperature of a thoroughly cooked brat should be 160°F (70°C).

You can find out the internal temperature of your brat by using a meat thermometer. Stick the prong in the center of your brat and read the temperature.

If you don’t have a meat thermometer, cut open one of your brats and take a look inside. There should be no pink meat, and the center should be hot to the touch.

Can You Grill Frozen Brats?

You can grill brats from frozen, but make sure that you cook them thoroughly before eating them.

You can either simmer them in water for 10 to 15 minutes to thaw them before putting them on the grill or cook them straight from frozen.

If you cook your brats from frozen, you will need to grill them for longer and make sure they are not frozen on the inside.

Other Tips & Tricks For Grilling The Best Brats

  • Don’t poke holes in your brats before you put them on the grill. Some people do this as they think it will stop the casing from splitting, but holes cause the juices to leak out and the brats to be dry
  • Use tongs to put your brats on and take them off the grill. Using a fork increases the chance of you puncturing the skins
  • Why not grill some vegetables to go along your brats? Cook onions, zucchini, bell peppers and eggplant on the grill until browned, and serve as a healthy side
  • You can grill your buns so that the outsides are crispy and the insides are soft. When your brats are nearly done, pop your buns on the grill for a minute each side

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